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Human Resources Practice

We have been in your shoes. We have a passion for people. We bring over twenty five years of diverse leadership experiences in dynamic, complex, highly reputable, domestic and global brands. Now we are here to help you.


Organizational Design

We work with leadership to determine the right structure and infrastructure to support the business and achievement of its goals.

Some services include:

  • Span of control analysis

  • Centralization/decentralization strategy

  • Evaluation of staffing levels

  • Leadership capability evaluations

  • Draft/review policies and procedures

  • Merger/acquisition integration support


Talent Management

We create strategies that help organizations get the right talent on board and help them grow to their optimal capabilities.

Some services include:

  • Create leadership and talent assessment models

  • Design talent acquisition strategy

  • Build succession planning models

  • Conduct climate assessments

  • Conduct investigations and other

  • employee relations support

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Employee Engagement

We help companies design strategies that will result in a highly engaged workforce. 

Some services include:

  • Engagement survey/action planning support

  • Conduct employee focus groups

  • Design recognition programs

  • Develop communication initiatives


We design programs and processes that promote the development and advancement of talent.

Some services include:

  • Design leadership development programs

  • Design emerging leader program

  • Deliver leadership training modules

Leadership Development


We provide support to C-suite and executive leaders who are invested in being the best version of themselves.

Some services include:

  • Individual coaching

  • Individual mentoring

  • Group/team coaching with Executive

  • Conduct 360 assessments

Executive Coaching

Labor Relations (1).jpg

We support companies to foster harmonious relations between its employees and labor unions.

Some services include:

  • Contract negotiations

  • Contract review 

  • Develop and implement policies

  • Develop labor relations strategy

  • Craft labor relations communications

Labor Relations

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