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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Practice 

We bring lifelong professional, academic, and personal experiences to organizations at any stage of the DEI journey. But the common thread is that we partner with organizations that genuinely seek to diversify its workforce, build an inclusive environment, and weave equity and belonging into the fabric of the organization. 


DEI Strategy Design

We work with your leadership team to create or refine the framework of your organization’s DEI strategy.

Some services include:

  • DEI strategy and planning

  • Framework redesigns 

  • Cultural assessments

  • Data gathering and interpretation



We lend our expertise to the strategic crafting of communications and messaging in the tone and voice of the CEO and/or the senior leadership team.

Some services include:

  • Design DEI corporate communications strategy for internal and external audiences

  • Provide support for CEO communications and business updates to employees

  • Design DEI holiday/celebration communications

  • DEI meeting facilitation


Education & Training

We design and/or deliver custom education and training for individuals, groups, teams or departments.

Some services include:

  • Design programs, workshops or webinars

  • Deliver training sessions (virtually or in-person)

  • Speaker engagements

  • Conferences and events


Coaching & Mentoring

We can provide support to individuals and groups, to help cultivate understanding of DEI and shift behaviors.

Some services include:

  • Individual and team coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Employee networks/employee resource group design and support

  • Conflict resolution

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